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Answer "How do I bathe my dog?"

How do I bathe my dog?

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Keeping your dog clean – is one of the most important aspects of keeping it healthy. Despite this popular saying, many people bathe their dogs very rarely. They think that it is a very hard task to perform on a regular basis. However, you can make this process easy and fun for both of you.

How often should you do it?

To be honest, it depends on the dog's breed. You should regularly do it to a dog that participates in various competitions and activities. It is recommended to be done before every exhibition. If your dog doesn't participate in any exhibition, it should be bathed when it becomes dirty. The level of dirtiness is easy to determine by the hair and its smell.

In any case, the regular bathing is not good for a dog. Water removes the natural lubrication of the skin, which leads to dry skin, itching and irritation. If you have to bathe it often, it is strongly recommended to use moisturizing shampoos.

All the bathing procedures are recommended to perform in your bathroom. Small dogs can be bathed in a sink. It is important to get your dog ready psychologically before the start, especially if it will happen the first time. It is recommended to not allow your dog to lay down until it dries completely.

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