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Answer "Which dogs are used for hunting?"

Which dogs are used for hunting?

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What is needed to have a good hunt? You should have good skills, a weapon, and, of course, a good dog. Our furry friends have been used as hunting companions for many centuries to hunt down various targets. A well-trained dog will always help you to track the animal. These dogs are also able to find and bring killed fowl.

In accordance with certain aims, different dogs can be used. The main breed types are Hounds, Spaniels, Pointing, and Huskies. There are also so-called hole-dogs, which are represented by Fox terriers and Dachshunds.

Hole-dogs are irreplaceable assistants to hunt down foxes and raccoons. The main aim of these breeds is to enter the hole and scare out all the animals that live inside. You should just wait with a rifle outside. And do not worry about the health of your pet. Hole-dogs have always been very strong animals.

Their "colleagues", Pointer Dogs, are also often used for hunting. Their main aim is to track down a fowl and inform their owner about it. Then, when pointer receives a command, it has to scare off the fowl and make it fly. When the accurate shot is done, pointer finds and brings a killed animal.

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