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Answer "How much time do people spend on their dogs?"

How much time do people spend on their dogs?

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Many people think that it is very hard to have a dog at home – it is hard, expensive, and troublesome. All the free time is spent on walks, care, feeding, and veterinarians, which also cost a lot. As the people (who never had dogs) think, the life of the dog owner looks like a constant mix of walks, cleaning, feeding and taking care of the dog.

But the dog doesn't cause any problems, but it makes our lives brighter and funnier. Walks take only a couple of hours per day. Then an hour for paw washing, feeding and wet cleaning. Add some hygienic procedures to the weekend – claw cutting, ear cleaning, and prophylactic visits to the veterinarian. And that is all the time that is required to be spent on a dog. There is still a lot of time left for your own business. Every dog owner knows that the time that you spend on your hairy friend will never be wasted. We always get a huge amount of positive energy.

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