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Answer "How do I treat my older dog?"

How do I treat my older dog?

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Is your dog not the same as it was a couple of years ago? Its paws are weaker, the vision is not that sharp, and a reaction time is significantly slower? How can you help your loyal friend to get used to its retirement?

The old age of dogs – is a very relative indicator. On average, the old age is considered to start in about 7-8 years. But you should also know that larger breeds become old faster than their smaller siblings. Many specific physiological processes happen, when the dog becomes old. It is about metabolic processes: slowing the rate of cell renewal, reducing the intensity of metabolic reactions at the cellular level, which leads to noticeable changes in the dog's appearance, as well as the effect on its behavior.

Of course, the proper environment and food can delay these processes to happen. The owners of older dogs are very careful with their pets. Despite its age, the dog should always receive enough of walks and exercises. By giving your dog a good amount of exercises, you will still be able to control its weight.

Older dog should often visit the vet. It is recommended to happen at least three times per year. Do not forget to carefully watch all the changes in your dog. Your attention will be the key to a long and healthy life of your pet.

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