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Answer "How do I walk my dog properly?"

How do I walk my dog properly?

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Every dog requires fresh air and long walks. These walks will also keep your pet healthy and happy for a long time.

Unique features of walking your puppy.

If you have a young puppy in your house, it is recommended to take it out in15-20 minutes after every feeding. Carefully watch its behavior: as soon as it starts to fuss, to run in search of a cozy corner, just grab it and go outside.

Behavior rules.

Please remember that your pet is barely controllable outside the house, due to the fact that there are a lot of noises and moving objects outside. All the commands will be executed way more slowly. It is recommended to always use a leash to prevent your dog from being hit by a car or running away.

How often should I walk my grown-up dog?

The representatives of the largest breeds are recommended to be walked 3-4 times per day. Some dog owners are sure that it is enough to do it once per day. This opinion is completely wrong. A dog requires constant movement and contact with its siblings. The duration of every walk should exceed 20 minutes (in winter, it is enough to walk for 10 minutes).

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