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Answer "Which breeds are the rarest?"

Which breeds are the rarest?

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Many of us passionately love these furry animals. Each of us sees something unique in our pets. Some of us love their dogs for their uniqueness. The specialists are still not able to decide, which breed is the rarest. We can only point out the main breeds. It is also worth noting that the price of a puppy is not a proof of its rareness.

American Hairless Terrier – The first dog of this breed has seen the world in 1972 in the US. These animals are born with a very short hair, which will be lost at the end of the third week. There are estimated 70 dogs of this breed in the world.

Round-eared Kau – This breed is famous because of its ears. It has been created on the Azores. There are only 72 representatives of this breed in the world.

Chinook – It is the rarest service dog. The main characteristic of this breed is the ability to follow all the orders it receives. It is a very loyal dog. There are only 76 dogs of this breed in the world.

Tibetan Mastiff – Is a huge, northern dog, which doesn't know what the fear is. It will always remain loyal to its owner, protecting him from any danger. These dogs will easily start a fight with a tiger or a bear.

Groenendael – Despite the fact that these dogs are often used by police and can be easily trained, you still should carefully control its ration, because these dogs are really vulnerable to obesity.

Australian Shepherd – These dogs are an icon of hard work. They contain all the characteristics that people value – loyalty, friendliness, and hard work.

Chinese Chongqing Dog – These dogs are the dogs of an aristocracy. It has a very high level of intelligence and intuition. Chongqing Dog will become the best dog for a family.

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