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Answer "How do I punish my dog?"

How do I punish my dog?

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Every owner of the dog knows that the behavior of their pet is made of actions they do and don't like. The dog does not know which actions are bad or good. So the only way to make it behave as you want is to train. And the training is not possible without punishments.

The sooner you start training your dog, the fewer worries will be faced in the future. You should create the environment with "the owner is a leader" rule and make sure your dog understands it. Compile the list of everything your dog is not allowed to do and prevent your pet from doing it.

Spend more time on training (at least 2 hours per day). The obedient dog will be more understanding for restrictions. Spend more time with your pet. If it is left alone, it starts doing whatever the dog wants. The punishment that helps one dog will not be effective for another one. Love and friendliness are the keys for proper behavior, so make sure that your dog gets enough of attention.

You must not hit your dog! Do not forget about the damage you can deal by hitting your furry pet. Walloping will destroy the health of your pet. And the constant stress will only destroy the behavior completely. Isolation is more effective than a punch.

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