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Answer "How do I deal with loud barking?"

How do I deal with loud barking?

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Of course, every dog is able to bark. Barking – is the most common way of communication with human, because wolves (ancestors of dogs) are not able to do it. In ancient time this kind of communication could warn the owner about coming dangers and was encouraged. That is why many people owned dogs. What about modern dogs? Their barking annoys your neighbors and guests. Even the loving owner will easily become bored by constant barking in his house. What should you do? A correct belief – is that the dog should not bark at all. Let's talk about the situations that commonly make your dogs bark without any logical reason. It is important to understand the reason in order to remove it. 1) Hours of barking, when there are guests in your house. It means that your dog is trying to attract your attention because you forgot about your pet. The best you can do to prevent it is to walk your dog before guest's arrival. You can also lock your dog in a room to make it understand the rules of behavior. It is recommended to allow your dog to leave only when it understands the rule. 2) Jealous barking. This kind of barking is also aimed to attract your attention (especially when you are busy on the phone or chatting with your family member). It is recommended to not pay any attention to your pet in these cases to make it understand, that barking does not help. You should also find a way to explain your pet that you are not really happy with this kind of behavior. 3)Continuous barking when the owner is absent. Many owners think that their pet is just missing them. You can solve this problem by leaving your dog alone more often. Just leave your dog alone in the room to help the dog to get used to being left alone.

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