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Answer "How do I teach my puppy to recognize its own name?"

How do I teach my puppy to recognize its own name?

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Puppies can remember their names real quick. For example, you have decided to call your pet Jerry. In the morning, when the puppy is up, call it by name: "Jerry! Jerry". When the puppy has noticed you, invite it to come and call it by name again. The main idea is to attract its attention to you by using its name as much as possible and hug it every time it reacts to your voice.

It is better to do this when your puppy is busy with something (like playing or running around), so it forgot about your existence for some time. Remind yourself and call your furry friend by its name. When the puppy reacts to you, it is recommended to give it something – a piece of boiled chicken, for example.

If it is time to eat, call it by name, while holding a bowl. After a couple of days, your puppy will finally remember its name, especially if you use the same intonation every time.

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RU: Как приучить щенка понимать свое имя?
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