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Answer "Why my pet begs for food when I eat?"

Why my pet begs for food when I eat?

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It annoys many of us when our pets beg for food during the dinner. It will be begging even if your furry has been fed a minute ago. Let's try to figure it, why our pets always try to get something from the table.

What food do you give your dog?

If you feed your pet with dry foods only, do not be surprised, when it asks for a piece of meat from your table. Dry foods for pets – are always a "dead" food, which contains only wastes of the meat industry, artificial meat, cereals and synthetic vitamins.

You feed your pet with natural food, but it begs for food anyway?

Then, you should remember that the dog is a social animal. It does not feel that it is enough to just be nearby its owner, but it has to participate in all the daily activities. When you eat something, your pet thinks it is necessary to join you.

A couple of bits of advice to wean your dog from begging.

1. Do not think that it is a tragedy, if the dog doesn't come to the kitchen every time you do.

2. When eating, give a couple of pieces of something tasty (cheese, for example). But only a couple!

3. If the animal still annoys you, you can turn away from it to make it calm down.

Never throw it away from the room, because these actions often make dogs more independent and distant, which means they will be less obedient and caring. All the controversial situation in your family have to be turned into the rituals that strengthen your connection with the dog.

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RU: Почему моя собака просит еды, когда я ем?
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