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Answer "How do I deal with over-attachment in my dog?"

How do I deal with over-attachment in my dog?

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It is a very bad sign if your pet ignores you, but over attachment in it can be even more annoying. If there were no any measures taken, this problem may lead to really harmful consequences. The situation looks like this – when separated from its owner, the dog becomes passive and nervous. It means that there are some problems in your relationship. And you should spend a huge amount of time and patience to fix it. In some cases, it is recommended to visit a specialist to deal with this problem.

Emotional and physical removal is the best way to wean your dog from over-attachment. You should remember that you make it feel better by ignoring it. The dog should not receive any unnecessary attention or treatments to make it more independent. You should also use diverse and regular walks due to their good influence on the psychology of your pet. In some cases, owners even have to use some medications prescribed by a vet to calm their dogs down, due to very high level of activity.

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