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Answer "How do I give medication to my dog?"

How do I give medication to my dog?

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There are many situations that can happen. Sometimes you have to give a medication to your loved pet without any help from a veterinarian. So, you should know how to do it properly.

Pills and capsules. If your dog is not on any diet, you can just put the pill inside the ball of the meet or cutlet. If there is no chance to give it inside the food, just put the pill on the root of the tongue. Close the jaws and stroke the neck of your pet. You can make sure that the pill has been swallowed by swallowing move and licking the nose. To make the pill go down the throat smoothly, it can be covered with cooking oil.

Liquid Medicine. All the liquid medications are recommended to be given with the help of syringe without a needle. To do this, you have to pull the upper lip up and find the gap between the tooth and premolars. You should give medicine slowly and by small portions. You will probably need some help to fixate the head of your pet. You can give the medication using a teaspoon if your dog is big enough. Just pour it into the mouth.

You should make sure that the dosage is correct before giving medications to your pet. Sometimes it would be better to split pills rather than giving more than you should. Overdose with medications can lead to various negative consequences.

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