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Answer "What is infertility in dogs?"

What is infertility in dogs?

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Infertility in the dog may become a significant problem for its owner, especially if we talk about the purebred animal that was aimed at breeding. Good pedigree and skilled breeder can guarantee you that the dog you have bought doesn't have any exterior issues, but no one can guarantee normal reproductive function.

There is a variety of causes of this problem. They can be divided into groups:

1. Congenital. These are hereditary, genetic diseases, or the diseases that the mother of your dog had during its pregnancy. So, the puppy is born with a problem from the very first second of its life.

2. Infertility caused by external factors. It may be an incorrect ration and bad nutrition, obesity that causes the swelling of the ovaries.

3. Traumas and inflectional diseases that your dog had.

4. Various reproductive system diseases: cysts, adhesions, inflammations.

Infertility can be cured, but not in all the cases. Sometimes the owner will just have to accept the problem. Infertility that is caused by external factors can often be treated. It is only about normalizing the metabolism and healing the inflammation. Reproductive system diseases are sometimes treated with medications and surgeries.

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