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Answer "Why does my dog think about?"

Why does my dog think about?

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Some service dogs can remind their owner to take some medications or even prevent their suicide attempt. It is not really easy to understand, what the dog thinks. Recent researches have shown that dogs are able to diagnose cancer and epileptic seizures. It makes us think that dogs can understand more than we are used to think.

Experiments show that the dogs can be trained to help people with psychical disorders: prevent the owner's attempt to kill him or harm him. The dogs are also able to turn off and on the lights, if you want them to.

In these and analogical situations, the trainer uses instincts of the dog, but not its feelings. But the researches that study the cognitive ability of dogs have shown: Dogs can be really smart. The author of variety psychological books, Stanley Coren, thinks that the recent times have shown us a lot of proofs that dogs are able to process the information the same as we do.

German researchers have published their report in 2004. Their report had the information about Border Collie, who knew more than 200 names of various items and could remember them after a month.

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