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Answer "How do I prevent my dog from chewing wires?"

How do I prevent my dog from chewing wires?

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A majority of dogs obeys their owners and does not chew anything in their houses, limiting themselves with special chewable toys. But in some cases and during various physical problems, your pet can easily start spoiling furniture, curtains, and wires. It is very hard to prevent grown up a dog from chewing wires, but it is still possible.

Of course, there is a variety of items to chew in your house, but today we will talk about wires only because they hide the most significant danger for your pet due to electricity.

First of all, it is recommended to hide all the wires and make them inaccessible by your pet. You can use a universal pipe to put all the wires inside it. These wires are pretty durable and are aimed to protect wires from getting damaged. This maneuver will protect wires as well as your pet.

It is recommended to check your dog, especially in the cases, when the pet is not able to control itself and chews everything it can reach, even if the owner is nearby. This wish to chew everything can be provoked by diabetes, various inflammations in the oral cavity and pharynx. In these cases, it is recommended to treat these diseases instead of yelling at your pet.

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