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Answer "Do dogs get offended?"

Do dogs get offended?

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Many of us think that the animals are not able to experience emotions such as soreness, anger, or resentment. We think they are available for humans only, but this opinion is wrong. Dog owners often notice that their pet behave the same as people do, becoming offended by their owner. Despite the fact that the science is not able to prove this fact, any owner of the dog will confirm it.

These bouts of touchiness can be seen in dogs that have all-consuming love and devotion to their owner. They can easily get offended by your refusal to play with them, even if you are really busy. In these cases, the dog may get offended and start showing it by a variety of ways. It looks like it waits for you to apologize. And finally, you have to apologize.

When you have apologized, the dog will start jumping, waving its tail and showing its happiness in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, many scientists are still pretty skeptical towards the ability of the dog to experience any emotions, but the experience of generations shows that it is possible and many years ago dogs were equal to their owners and were treated the same as their owners were.

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