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Answer "Which breeds are called working?"

Which breeds are called working?

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Working dogs are aimed to serve. German Shepherd, Caucasian Shepherd, Dean or a Rottweiler have been created to become working breeds, which were planned to be able to serve. These dogs guard the perimeter and patrol territory, chase and catch terrorists, or even search for bombs and drugs.

Working characteristics of these breeds can be divided by two types: natural and trained. For example, the amazing sense of smell is a natural skill of Dobermans, which can be improved in the process of training. And the ability to obey is trained characteristic, which was received in the process of training.

So, do you really need a working dog?

When walking your working dog you will not be able to join other dog owners, because working dogs always actively react on anyone, who wants to touch their stick or come too close to you. This can be said about common walks with your dog. You will have a tensioned spring on a leash, and this spring just waits for you to remove the leash.

These dogs should be trained in a constant fight with their natural reflexes. And only a very experienced dog trainer will be able to keep all the reflexes under control. These dogs also require long and constant exercises at least six times per week. And now think again. Do you really want to have this dog?

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