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Answer "What dog is the best for appartment?"

What dog is the best for appartment?

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Let's try to figure it out: which breeds are the best to live in an apartment. In general, the dog for apartment – is a well-trained dog of any breed, the owner of which does really love his pet and is ready to spend a lot of time on cleaning and walks.

The dog of any breed can live in an apartment if its owner is able to give it a good amount of physical exercises. Of course, it would not be a good idea to have a Caucasian Shepherd in your apartment, because this breed requires a lot of space. But still, there are some owners, who have these dogs in small apartments.

Any small dog – is the best option to have in an apartment. It may be a small Yorkshire Terrier, or rapid fireball – German Spitz. Please remember that many of these dogs are able to use a cat box as a toilet. But they still require a big amount of fresh air, as well as your love and games.

The larger dogs can also become your best friends in a small apartment if you are able to provide them with a good amount of physical exercises. You may consider adopting Samoyeds, Airedale Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, or any other dogs with friendly character.

You should understand that not just joy will come to your apartment together with a new friend. You will also get a bunch of various problems that should also be taken into account.

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