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Answer "How do I deal with covardice in my dog?"

How do I deal with covardice in my dog?

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There are many dog owners, who say that their pets are cowards. This is said about purebred dogs even more often because of the main aim of breeding – is to get the dog with perfect appearance, not a character. As the result, we often get dogs, who afraid of people and cars. We can distinguish two main aspects of a dog's character that lead to this kind of behavior – weak nervous system and wrong training.

The first reason is a very hard to deal with, but it is still possible. The owner with an enormous patience slowly trains his dog to tolerate loud and crowded places. When choosing a puppy, it is also very important to pay attention to its character: it has to be brave, active and curious, so you would not have any problems with cowardliness in future.

The second reason is caused by the owner. A well-trained dog will always behave properly in any situation. Sometimes people forget that dogs are not just furniture, they require a lot of attention and money. If you have decided to accept this responsibility, get ready to invest your time. Remember that your love and patience will definitely bring you the desired result and your pet will become exactly like you want it to be.

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