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Answer "Is it violent to sterilize my dog?"

Is it violent to sterilize my dog?

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There is no question that would be more controversial than the question about dog sterilization. There is a variety of completely opposite opinions and every owner of the dog has its own point of view on this question. The only thing that is known for sure – is that there are no indifferent dog owners.

And yes, the dog is a living creature and not a toy or sign of any kind of special status of the person. And if you are involved in a hard relationship human-dog, you are not able to act like you want anymore. You should think about all the pros and cons of sterilization process to make sure that it is required in your situation and you understand all the consequences that may occur after the surgery. The physical health of your pet is the most important thing to worry about.

However, those people, who do not oppose sterilization, also care about dogs. Uncontrollable and undesired litters may significantly affect the health of your pet and the "cleanness" of its breed. But all the people who do not let their dogs mate without any surgical operations just damage the health of their pets.

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RU: Жестоко ли стерилизовать собаку?
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