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Answer "How to deal with aggression between dogs in the same household?"

How to deal with aggression between dogs in the same household?

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The dogs that live in the same household often have a stable hierarchic relationship, when one animal obeys the other. But it sometimes happens that dogs cannot decide who is in charge. It often happens when the grown up dog is being joined by a young individual of 8-12 months. These conflicts are pretty dangerous for the health of both pets and you should know how to deal with them and prevent them.

How you can deal with this problem:

First of all, you have to show that you are a leader of this pack. You should always be the first, who enters all the doors. Your dog should follow you a little bit behind your back because only the leader leads the way.

It is recommended to completely ignore the existence of your dog when it asks for food, when you eat. The dog should not be allowed to join you during the dinner. Before feeding the pet, take its bowl and some human food (like a cookie, apple, or a piece of meat) and eat it first. Only then the dog is allowed to eat because the leader always eats first. Ban your dogs from sleeping on beds and couches. Only the leader is allowed to sleep on them. Ignore your pet, when it asks for your attention. Say "No" and continue ignoring it. The dog should understand that only the leader is allowed to initiate any kind of activity.

These simple actions will help you to give your pets an understanding, who is the leader in this household and will simplify their relationship. If there is a leader already, they have nothing to fight for.

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