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Answer "How do I change the behavior of a grown up dog?"

How do I change the behavior of a grown up dog?

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Situations, when the owners suffer from the behavior of their pets are not that rare as you could imagine. These problems often happen in families of inexperienced dog owners, who were not able to teach their dogs to behave, when they were puppies. And here is the result – puppy becomes a tyrant and forces its owners to make wrong, or even fatal decisions.

If you don't have enough money or time to hire a specialist, you can do it on your own.

Finding a reason for this kind of behavior means more than a half of success. You should just remember that your pet is a socialized animal, which lives in accordance to its instincts.

For example, the aggression that your dog shows towards its family members, which often means the dominant behavior in the pack (that is how the dog understands family). Any attempt of dominating has to be strictly and rapidly stopped. Despite that, you should never feed the dog from the table or allow it to sleep on a couch. You should also not allow your pet to be first when entering the doors because this fact will be seen as a sign of attention to the leader.

It is really important to remain calm and patient when trying to change the behavior of your grown-up dog. After some time, the dog you live with will become happy and obedient.

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