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Answer "How do dogs react on weather?"

How do dogs react on weather?

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Dogs, as well as all the living creatures, react to weather changes. All the animals have the required ability to predict any weather change. According to the fact that dogs were not home pets not so long ago, they have various "radars" that inform them about weather changes. The older the breed of your dog, the stronger weather prediction abilities it has.

If the owner is caring and careful, he will definitely notice the changes in pet's behavior, which often means that the weather is going to change. Even some people have these "Radars". These feelings are pretty individual for each of creatures, but there are some characteristics, which are the same in people and dogs.

When the good weather is going to change, the dog starts looking less active. For example, if it is going to rain, your furry pet may become sluggish and sad. If there is a downpour is going to start, many dogs start to "hibernate". Thunder and lightning frighten our pets very much. During these events, the dog may start hiding and howling. Do not yell at your pet because of this kind of behavior. It would be better to give your dog a hug.

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