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Answer "Which toys are best for puppies?"

Which toys are best for puppies?

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So, you have a puppy in your home. They are almost the same as young children. And children need proper toys for correct development. There are a variety of balls for dogs in every zoo store. These balls are aimed to resist the sharp teeth of your pet. Do not buy the ball, which is easy to choke with. The balls with spikes will be really interesting for those puppies that have teething. The best option is a squeaking ball. Your puppy will be amazed by it.

There is also a wide range of various ropes-toys, which are also aimed to be chewed and pulled. There may be some nodules or even eatable parts that can scratch the teeth of your pet. Rubber details of these toys are also very interesting to chew.

The toys that made of rubber are very soft and durable. Sometimes they are filled with padding polyester. Various ducks, roosters, bones and balls will be appreciated by your furry friend.

Please, do not forget that all the toys, as well as all the dog's inventory in your house, must always remain clean. It doesn't mean you can wash them, but you can still do it manually with the help of disinfecting liquids.

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