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Answer "What should I do if my dog gone missing?"

What should I do if my dog gone missing?

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The situation, when you have lost your dog is the worst for the loving owner. It is really frightening to realize your helplessness. Not every dog owner knows what to do in these cases, even despite the fact that understanding of this is more than a half of success.

There are a number of actions you can do to prevent it:

• Buy a collar with a badge. Write the phone number and the name of your pet on it.

• Do not walk your dog in too loud places, especially during celebrations. If your dog has not been trained to ignore loud sounds, it may be scared by fireworks.

• Do not leave your dog alone, even if you need a second to do something.

What should you do if it already went missing?

• Do not leave the place, where you have seen your dog for the last time. Ask your friends to start searching around and ask people about the dog. They may have some useful information for you.

• If it didn’t help, it would be a good idea to start searching there every day. You have a pretty good chance to find a person, who had seen something.

• Register your pet in some kind of internet catalog of lost and found pets. There is a variety of them related to many cities and even breeds.

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