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Answer "Why my dog has diarrhea?"

Why my dog has diarrhea?

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If this problem happens to your dog, you should immediately start searching for a reason, so you could make sure that the health of your pet is in a good shape.

The most common reasons of diarrhea in dogs are: fat or dairy products, low-quality food, food poisoning, allergy, foreign body in the intestine, indigestion, avitaminosis, and dysbacteriosis. There is also a long list of serious problems that may cause diarrhea: internal organ diseases (such as liver and pancreas), helminthiasis or other parasites, plague, enteritis or even hepatitis.

Long term diarrhea along with normal "general" condition signifies some chronic diseases and infections - gastritis, enteritis, salmonellosis, helminthiasis, jaundice, staph, and other. In any case, you will need help from a skilled veterinarian to find a source of this problem. It is important to give your dog more water than usual to prevent it from dehydration. General lethargy and frustration for more than two days may be caused by severe intoxication. Diarrhea and complete loss of appetite may be caused by worm infection, and if your pet does not drink, it may be parvovirus enteritis.

The age of your pet should also be taken into account because chronic diseases and its age can also affect the intestines of your furry friend. In any case, this problem can't be treated at home and it is recommended to call the veterinarian as soon as you can. Let the doctor find an obvious reason that can be dealt with easily, rather than you miss some serious disease.

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