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Answer "Why does my dog is getting fatter?"

Why does my dog is getting fatter?

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I feed my dog in accordance with norms, which are specified on the package, but it still gets fatter. Should I just give it less food?

These norms are aimed at animals with the medium level of physical activity. If your pet doesn't have enough walks and physical exercises, it will still gain weight by consuming the same amount of food. You have two ways to solve this problem: You can give it less food or increase the number of physical exercises.

Try to feed your pet with a minimal amount of food that is specified on the package and watch the weight of your dog. Then, gradually increase this norm – it will allow you to find the best amount of food to give your pet.

You should make sure during this experiment that no one from your family members feeds your dog except you. These small treatments that family members often give your dog from the table may cause weight gain because they are very high-calorie.

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