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Answer "Leash or harness leash?"

Leash or harness leash?

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What should you choose for your loved pet? It is a pretty controversial question because both of them have their own pros and cons.

What is the main shortcoming of the leash? It will easily fit your training process and you can attach a muzzle to it. But leash can be very dangerous for small dogs. It can damage the throat of your pet or even prevent it from breathing. The more your dog pulls the leash, the more damaged its neck becomes.

Harness leash is, obviously, more convenient for a small dog. First of all, it frees your pet from a constant load on its neck, which always follows it, when walking on a leash. Your pet will always feel comfortable on a harness leash – they are often made of soft materials, so they never damage dog's hair. These harness leashes are very easy to clean as well as very hard to spoil them.

To choose the best harness leash, it is recommended to do it together with your dog and try different models. It is important for a harness leash to be the exact size. These lashes are also often used for bigger breeds, but with certain aims – towing a skier, dog sled competition, muscle development, or even weight pulling).

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