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Answer "What are some good sports for my dog?"

What are some good sports for my dog?

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Sports with your dog – is a great opportunity to become real friends with your pet and improve its physical condition. There are a variety of sports. We will not describe all of them, but note the most popular ones.


Agility – is a very dynamic sport, where it is important to show dexterity and the ability to work in a team. The main aim of this competition is to finish the track as fast as you can. The track is filled with various obstacles, so it would be pretty hard to finish.


This is a competition, where the most artistic dog wins. Movement, charisma, and courage, of course - these are the criteria that distinguish a freestyle among other dog-related sports. Cynologic freestyle – is also a team-based sports, so you will become closer with your pet.


This kind of sport is about of catching the plastic disk by your pet. This awesome and democratic sport will easily fit the active dog's lifestyle. It does not require any additional investments and delivers a huge amount of fun to the dog and its owner.


This sport is about throwing and bringing an item. The stick is thrown in a different direction and the dog has 90 seconds to bring its owner as many sticks as it can. This sport is aimed at various ages and breeds, which have a good physical condition to participate in the competition.

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RU: Какой вид спорта выбрать для моей собаки?
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