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Answer "What are some advices to clean teeth of my dog?"

What are some advices to clean teeth of my dog?

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Dogs sometimes suffer from oral cavity diseases. They can be as serious as the same diseases in humans. It means that we should also care for teeth of our loved pets. Except for problems with teeth, you should also watch the dog's gums.

Gum diseases are very painful and may lead to tooth loss. Bad oral cavity hygiene can also become a cause of heart- and kidney-related diseases. Your main aim is to protect the teeth of your pet, so start cleaning them as soon as you can. It will take some time to adapt to this process, but the dog will definitely be protected from pain.

You should learn how to do it properly. Dogs do not like people to put their hands in their mouths, even if the owner does it.

Step 1 – Dip your hand in something tasty, such as fragrant beef broth with a great smell, in order to teach your dog to realize that your hands in its mouth – is nothing really dangerous.

Step 2 – Let your dog lick your fingers and hands. Repeat this procedure a couple of times per year to make your pet comfortable with this procedure and the taste.

Step 3 – When the dog licks your fingers, touch its gums to make it comfortable with this process. Take a piece of cloth dipped in broth and touch the gums of your pet with it.

Step 4 – When the dog is already comfortable with a toothbrush, you can start using a special paste with meat flavor.

Step 5 – Make your pet understand that it is a really nice process. Praise your pet for tolerating it. As soon as it starts to react normally on a toothbrush, you can start brushing its teeth. Make your dog to like this process, make this process a game.

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