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Answer "Why autumn is dangerous for my dog?"

Why autumn is dangerous for my dog?

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Autumn is a very beautiful time of year when the dog can run around on noisy leaves and catch raindrops with its mouth. However, it is also the most dangerous period, when a cough and cold paws in dogs become really common things. In order to protect your pet from catching a cold, you should get it ready by buying all the needed medications, clothes, and vitamins in advance. Besides that, it is really important to pay your attention to any deviation in your pet's behavior.


September and October are the second waves of mitten activity. And you have to deal with these parasites because they may become a reason of very serious diseases in your dog. Piroplasmosis, for example, often ends fatally for even the healthiest pets. It is also very hard to diagnose in its early stages.

Wet Paws.

You should wash paws of your pet after every your walk. Soap and shampoos should be used only if the paws are very dirty. The dirt may contain various chemical solutions that cause skin irritation, forming cracks and poorly healing wounds. There are various medications to protect the paws of your pet. Just spray them with this solution before going to walk your dog and everything will be fine.

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RU: Почему осень опасна для моей собаки?
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