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Answer "Seven simple rules of feeding my dog"

Seven simple rules of feeding my dog

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Feeding your dog is very hard. Feeding your dog properly – is a real science. Unfortunately, there are many owners, who do not know how to feed their pet. There are some simple rules that you have to follow and never break. Every dog owner should know these rules to keep his pet happy and healthy.

1. The ration of your pet should be balanced and rational. The owner should know how much calories the dog needs. Proper feeding – is the feeding with all the norms applied.

2. The ration of your pet should contain many different components. You can't feed your pet with meat only. The Proper feeding means that the ration will contain a full specter of needed vitamins.

3. Always take into account the composition, properties and nutritional value of different products used.

4. Never let your dog overeat. It only seems that the animal can't eat more than it should eat. Any animal can become obese. Overfeeding may cause heart, liver, and kidney diseases.

5. Strictly follow the feeding regime. Your pet should eat during certain hours and receive only a limited amount of food. Do not forget that puppies require at least 5-times-per-day feeding.

6. If you have lost time and your dog is already obese, it is time to start a diet. But remember that every pet requires a unique diet.

7. Strictly follow the rules of cooking for your pet. Your pet should eat thick soups and liquid cereals. If you feed your dog with dry food, it should always be fresh and qualitative.

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