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Answer "Should I adopt a dog for my child?"

Should I adopt a dog for my child?

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Is it a very common situation, when the child asks for a dog and their parents adopt it just because their kid asked for it. And parents rarely think about the child, its age, and its abilities. When would it be better to adopt a dog?

1. It is not recommended to adopt a dog until your child is older than five. The child is too young to understand that dog is not a toy, so they can harm your pet during a game. If you have decided to adopt a puppy, you should remember that puppies can’t bite "for fun", so it can also harm the baby during the game. Puppies grow really fast, so the time will come and your dog will try to dominate in "pack". Thinking that the child is the youngest in the pack, the dog will try to "discipline" him and this kind of behavior can cause a lot of trouble.

2. At the age of seven years, your child will become more responsible.

3. At the age of ten years, children are able to plan their time to get all the things done. Ten years old is able to postpone all the interesting things and take his dog for a walk or feed it.

4. When a teenager gets a dog – it becomes a long-term profit for everyone in the family. The teen is able to care for his furry pet, train and feed it.

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RU: Стоит ли мне завести собаку для моего ребенка?
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