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Answer "Why does my dog spoil bedsheets?"

Why does my dog spoil bedsheets?

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You don't even imagine how many problems expect you when adopting a dog. You have to start the training from the very first days of its life in order to minimize the amount of these problems. But if you have missed something and your grown-up dog disappoints you, do not despair.

Many owners of active dogs complain that their pets spoil bed sheets when there are no owners around. Your pet does not realize that its spoils very expensive bed sheets made of pure silk. Just call a cynologist to protect your expensive bed sheets from your dog's teeth. Remember – only a real specialist can help you with this problem. Your dog does not understand why you are so angry. Your pet doesn't see anything bad in destroying your favorite pillow.

You should just understand what forces your pet to behave like this. In this case, it would be a good idea to offer your dog some kind of alternative – another room, where your old bed sheets are stored. Of course, you should lock up the door to your room with expensive bed sheets.

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RU: Почему собака портит постельное белье?
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