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Answer "How do I choose time for a punishment?"

How do I choose time for a punishment?

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Raising a puppy cannot exist without punishment. No matter how cute was your puppy, it is still necessary to educate, teach and, consequently, punish your pet to form the correct behavior. The most important thing in this process is to punish your dog in time.

Choosing a proper time for a punishment is really important to create some rules of behavior in your home. If you came home and noticed that your small pet has destroyed your favorite plant or shoes and now it just sleeps on your sofa, there is no reason to punish it. The dog will never understand why you are mad at it. Moreover, you will just become a source of aggression for it, which can lead to loss of trust forever.

Only the properly-timed punishments can change the dog's behavior since their effect will be associated with certain consequences undesirable for your pet. If the animal does something undesirable, you have to punish it within a minute by speaking loudly or lightly slapping it.

If you have lost the moment of punishment, there is nothing you can do. Do not let your emotions control you and never shout or your furry friend. You will just have to postpone the punishment to the next time, which will definitely come because the dog does not know yet how to behave in this case.

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