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Answer "How do I choose dog for an elderly person?"

How do I choose dog for an elderly person?

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Elderly people, who live separately from their children, may feel lonely and unneeded. In this case, it would be a good idea to give them a pet. But how do you choose it?

Elderly people love to care for someone and feel needed. And if children or grandchildren can call this care unnecessary, the animal will always be happy with their attention. Pets are more just pets for elderly people; they are real friends and companions. These people love to touch. Modern elderly people are very active, so it would be a good idea to choose a dog that needs exercises and long walks. Moderate physical exercises lower the amount of cholesterol in blood. So the elder dog owners are often really cheerful, filled with a love of life and have healthy hearts. But get ready to help, when there is a bad weather outside and your elder family member feels hard to go outside.

Of course, your grandmother or grandfather would enjoy a small, fluffy, friendly and calm dog. These dogs will never pull the leash during the walks and will never run away. Shepherd and service dogs are not recommended because of this. However, our grandparents often do not need a purebred dog. They will be happy with any puppy, which can be taken from the shelter.

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RU: Как выбрать собаку для пожилого человека?
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