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Answer "What is anti-bark collar?"

What is anti-bark collar?

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Anti-bark collars – are special devices for dogs to prevent them from barking. It has a built-in sound device, shocking device, and charger. Some of these collars have vibration as a warning signal.

These collars are designed to easily remove the undesirable behavior. As soon as your dog starts barking, the collar recognizes sound vibrations inside its throat, and the sensor inside the collar sends a signal to the control block. This block gives a command to the sound device, which is aimed to make sounds which are extremely uncomfortable for dogs. If the dog continues barking and ignores the signal, the collar shocks it with minimum power electric shock. If it still barks, the power of the shock will be gradually increased.

The power increases itself until the dog starts barking, or until it reaches it power limit. Usually, the maximum discharge capacity does not exceed the minimum discharge capacity of more than six times. Due to the low discharge voltage and its low power, these collars never harm the dog. This device has been tested by numerous researches, so it is completely harmless for your loved pet.

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