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Answer "Why do dogs need summer clothes?"

Why do dogs need summer clothes?

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First of all, the hairless breeds need these summer clothes. For example: Chinese Crested dog, Mexican Hairless Dog, Peruvian Hairless Dog. They need clothes because their high vulnerability to sunburns and overheating. It is recommended to use light clothes to protect your pet. It would be better to use clothes made of light and natural materials (cotton, for example). Naked animals also need clothes to wear a leash on them, which otherwise would rub the skin.

These light clothes protect small dogs from grass, which can cut their belly. It may be pretty cold and wet after the rain, so some animals really need these clothes to remain warm. There is also a danger of fleas and mittens in the summer, so, when planning a walk in the park, you should consider putting on some clothes on your dog to protect it from parasites.

Long haired dogs can also have problems with leaves, seeds, grass and other trash that gets stuck in their hair, so you have to remove them after every your walk. It happens almost every time, so it is a serious reason to buy a suit for your pet and simplify your life.

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