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Answer "What is holistic food for dogs?"

What is holistic food for dogs?

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Holistic food – is a food of super-premium class. They contain all the ingredients that can be used as food by dogs and even a human! The main feature of this food – is a complete balance of nutrition, quality, and taste.

It was proven that dogs need a perfectly balanced food to keep their bodies healthy and active. This food should contain a perfect amount of all the important substances such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and water, of course. The amount of food your pet should eat every day depends on various indexes of the animal as well as its activity and age.

The production of this kind of food is based on an innovational approach to pet's ration. This approach is based on a wild animal that eats raw meat and everything it is able to find. The main aspect in this case – is heat treatment of the meat, which is used for food production. In this form, this treatment is minimal, due to the fact that wild animals eat raw meat only.

This technology saves all the useful characteristics of every ingredient that is used in the formula of this food.

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