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Answer "Does my dog need clothes?"

Does my dog need clothes?

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We can often see that many owners dress their pets before going for a walk. Dog psychologists call this "animal humanization phenomena". This means that the owner associates his pet and thinks that the animal has the same requirements. However, clothes for dogs – are not just a whim of man.

Decorative dogs, even the long-haired breeds, may feel uncomfortable when it is cold outside. Family ties do not help. For example, the Pomeranian is descended from the northern sled dogs but still feels uncomfortable outside.

Clothes for your pet will also become great protectors against mud in your home. You will not need to wash your dog completely after every your walk (which is often pretty hard). It is way easier to just wash the suit of your dog.

How to choose and put on a new thing:

1. When choosing new items, it is recommended to choose those, which are easy to put on and off. Do not buy any sweaters, which are worn on the head and replace them with buttoned items: your dog will fell way more comfortable

2. Your dog may not be happy with the new thing you are trying to put on. So, it is recommended to do this gradually.

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