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Answer "How do I teach my pet to wear muzzle?"

How do I teach my pet to wear muzzle?

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No matter how obedient and friendly your pet is, you should have a muzzle anyway. You are free to decide when to put in on. However, the public transportation system will not be happy if your dog does not have a muzzle on. And the size does not matter at all.

Muzzles are divided into two groups. If you want to put it on during the warmer months or even plan to transport your dog with its muzzle on, you should choose the loose model (some of them are called baskets). This kind of muzzle will allow your dog to open its mouth and stick the tongue out, which is really important. Unlike we do, the dog does not have that much sweat glands (only on its paws and nose), so only breathing deals with thermoregulation. If you close the mouth of your pet, it will not have a possibility to "sweat", which leads to a heat stroke.

However, muzzles are used to protect strangers and animals as well as you. Often, during the first aid or any other painful manipulations, the pet can bite you. Except that, the muzzle is a must, when going to the veterinarian. In these cases, the brief mouth fixation is required to prevent your pet from opening its mouth. It is not recommended to buy such items in advance, so you should take your dog to the shop and try different models to find the best one.

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