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Answer "What is dehydration in dogs?"

What is dehydration in dogs?

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Water is the most important element for the health of your pet. Dog's life without any food can exceed the period of 10 days, but without any water, wit will not live even a couple of days. You should pay attention to the amount of water you give to your pet. Dogs need 2.5 times more water than food. This amount of liquid can be received from any source – from a separate bowl or mixed with the food. Animals that eat natural food need less water than their siblings that eat dry food.

Symptoms of dehydration in dogs.

The symptoms of dehydration allow us to find the problem in its early stages and give all the medical attention to the dog.

• Appetite loss.

• Lethargy and apathy.

• Dry tongue.

• Vomiting and watery stools.

• High temperature.

If you have noticed one or more symptoms, it is a very serious reason to call the veterinarian immediately.


There are a couple of simple pieces of advice that will help you to protect your pet from dehydration.

1. Give your pet an unlimited amount of water.

2. When leaving your dog alone for some time, make sure that there is enough of fresh and accessible water.

3. Make sure that there is always enough of water.

4. Water has to be changed every day with washing the bowl that stores it.

5. During the warmer months, water should be cold.

6. If your pet eats natural food, make sure that its ration contains water-rich products.

7. Limit the access to water sources, the quality of which has not been proven – they may become a reason of various diseases.

8. If there is a constant control of water levels in a dog's body, the chance of dehydration is almost impossible.

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