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Answer "Is Jack Russel Terrier a good companion?"

Is Jack Russel Terrier a good companion?

This "Is Jack Russel Terrier a good companion?" answer for dog breed Jack Russell Terrier was viewed by 4286 visitors.

Country of origin: England

When dreaming of adopting a dog, we always face problems with choosing a breed, because every breed has its own unique features and characteristics. Every breed requires special attention, special food, and training. And that is why it is really important, what kind of dog you need – the one that will protect you and your family or the one to have fun with.

One of the friendliest and kindest breeds is Jack Russell Terrier. Despite the fact that these dogs are aimed at hunting, they can easily adapt to your lifestyle in the apartment or a small house. This dog has a friendly character, agreeableness, and an increased ability to learn. Jack Russell is a dog of small size but it has a very harmonic body – the height is 28 cm, ears are close to the head, and the hair is short and straight (there is a dense undercoat).

These dogs require being taken out really often. Your walks with Jack Russell Terrier should be long and exhausting because these dogs require a huge amount of physical exercises to develop harmoniously. Jack Russell Terrier is unpretentious in the rest of its life – these dogs love to play, love weasel, have a very good health and do not require any special grooming. These dogs are recommended to be fed with super-premium dry food for dogs. If you feel that you need more optimism and sharp sensations, this furry companion will definitely change your life!

Answer for dog breed "Jack Russell Terrier"

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RU: Будет ли Джек Рассел терьер хорошим компаньоном?
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