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Answer "Why my dog stops listening to me?"

Why my dog stops listening to me?

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We often hear complaints from the owners, who claim that their pets have stopped obeying. Many of them think that there is no their fault. It is a natural instinct to obey to the leader. It doesn't happen, when the owner is not able to handle their pet. Dogs often stop obeying when their owners do not have enough patience to educate their pets properly.

Every specialist can tell you that dogs are pack-oriented animals, which means they naturally need a leader to follow. Many people think that decorative dogs are just alive toys. It is a very wrong point of view to think that these dogs do not need any education or training. If you want to build the relationship with your dog using this principle – you will definitely get an uncontrollable pet that causes a lot of trouble. If the small dog does not know about any moral borders, it will start setting up its own rules in your home.

It is important to show your pet that you are the one who sets up the rules here. Do not let your pet sleep next to you because this is the way to show that you are equal. You will have to spend a lot of time on training and education.

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RU: Почему собака перестает слушаться?
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