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Answer "What should I know about mating?"

What should I know about mating?

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You have spent thousands of hours training your loved pet and winning various competitions and beauty contests. Now, when you have a perfect grown-up pet, you probably want to have to get really perspective puppies. To make the mating process happen without any problems, every dog owner should know a couple of simple rules.

Matters that require attention before mating.

1. The first estrus, which occurs in 6-9 months is not for mating, so it is not recommended to mate your pet during this period.

2. The most favorable time for mating is a period between 11 and 15 days of estrus. Mating during this period guarantees your dog to bring a healthy litter.

3. To increase the interest between dogs, veterinarians recommend taking them out without feeding. Mating can happen during their first meeting – do not interrupt the natural process if this happens. If we talk about decorative breeds, it would be better to choose a male's territory to accelerate the process.

4. The owners of small dogs should remember that their pets may need some help during the process.

5. The mating process will always end with a tie. It is completely natural phenomena. However, if the female dog tries to sit down or free itself from a tie, you should calm her down, trying not to scare pets.

6. It often happens that the male dog loses his interest after the first attempt. Just repeat the mating in 24-48 hours.

Many clinics and cynologic services have specialists, who control the mating process. Usually, you just need to wait for these two animals to do everything, but sometimes the specialist has to intervene.

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