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Answer "How do I understand my dog?"

How do I understand my dog?

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Almost every dog owner was involved in the situation when they were not able to help their dog. Its nose is hot and it is obvious that there is something wrong with your pet, but your dog is not able to say what is wrong. Or sometimes you just can't understand the behavior of your pet. What happened? What should you do in these cases?

Unfortunately, we are not able to communicate directly with our pets, as we do with other people. Is there any chance for us to understand our furry friends? Here are some advices:

Carefully watch the behavior of your pet. If you observe and study the dog's behavior in various situations, it will be possible to identify and understand patterns, so you could be able to predict the behavior of your pet over some time. You should also pay your attention to poses of your pet, as well as its mimics and sounds. These little things will allow you to understand your pet better.

Watch the emotions of the dog. Dogs are able to experience a wide range of emotions: if said dog is being ignored, it may feel uncomfortable or even falls into depression. Find some time to analyze the behavior of your pet. You have to understand and systematize the behavior and reactions during various life situations

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