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Answer "10 Rules of training my dog"

10 Rules of training my dog

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Many of us want to extend the abilities and skills of our pets. Of course, you can hire a skilled trainer and in this case the training will be way more effective, but you can also try to do it by your own. To succeed in this, you should remember a couple of simple rules.

1. Do not allow your dog to do something that has been forbidden before. For example, you have told your dog to stop chewing your shoes, but one day a guest comes and you do not really like this person, so you let your dog chew his shoes.

2. When you give a certain command, your dog has to execute it. Your pet should to it after the first voice command without any delays.

3. When your pet does already know a certain command, do not change them and do not try to use another training method for the same command. These kinds of experiments can make your dog forget the command completely.

4. You should be friends with your dog. Try to spend more time together with your pet to achieve it.

5. Do not lie to your pet and don't leave it alone for a long time. The dog has to feel its owner.

6. You should remember that proper execution of a certain command depends on you.

7. Care for your dog.

8. Always control your dog. Your pet can start behaving oddly in some situations, so you shouldn't lose vigilance.

9. Evaluate the abilities of the dog. Don't try to get more than it can give.

10. Try to not lose the respect of your pet.

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