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Answer "How do I choose a german shepherd puppy?"

How do I choose a german shepherd puppy?

This "How do I choose a german shepherd puppy?" answer for dog breed German Shepherd Dog was viewed by 4234 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany
Other names: Alsatian, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, GSD, Schäferhund
Height: Male

German Shepherds are very strong, smart and loyal dogs. But they also have enterprising character, which has been formed especially to perform work of a shepherd. When these dogs guard a herd, they have to make decisions on their own because there is no owner around. Today this breed is represented by more than 40 options, each of which has its own aim, so you have to decide why you want to adopt this dog.

The puppy should be taken from a breeder only. Respected breeders are interested in you to take the best dog. These breeders know all the conditions of living, feeding, training and improving. Except that, every future owner can study genealogy and choose the best option.

First of all, inspect the litter. All the puppies have to be the same – about the same height, well fed, with a shiny fur, clear eyes, wet noses, and pink mucous membranes. A healthy dog is agile, playful and curious, without any visible deviations. Carefully inspect every inch of the puppy's body. If it feels strong, if the paws are thick and tall is straight – the puppy is healthy. Remember the important aspect: the ears should not be very straight, as it is a clear sign of skeletal diseases.

In order to establish a harmonic relationship with your future pet, you will have to understand its temper. Watching its behavior for a couple of hours will help you understand what kind of dog you will get in the future. If the baby curiously explores the territory, holds itself confidently and comes in contact with you – choose it. To understand its dominance abilities, you can use Campbell's test.

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