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Answer "How do I feed my old dog?"

How do I feed my old dog?

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When our pets are not young anymore, owners start asking themselves: "How do I feed my pet to keep it in a good form?" We all know that when the elder person receives all the needed care and treatment, they feel much better. So how do you feed your older dog properly?

With the coming of the old age, there are a lot of changes that can happen in the dog's body. Old dogs never feel thirsty, so there is always a risk of dehydration. Despite that, the thermoregulation worsens too, due to which old dog constantly freezes and feels temperature differences very well. Older dogs also often have problems with the sense of smell, which prevents them from eating food. Sometimes they lose teeth and have various dental problems, which also prevent them from eating.

Here are some advice about feeding your older dog:

1. You should only feed your pet with food, which has 80% fewer calories. This will give you the ability to prevent your pet from getting weight. The experts say that about 40% dogs older than 8 years are overweight.

2. Give fewer products that contain protein in order to ease kidney functioning. The veterinarian can prescribe a proper menu after all the needed tests.

3. Give fewer animal fats and replace them with vegetable fats, which are more useful for skin and hair.

4. Elder dogs should get more vegetables because they help to prevent constipations.

5. Give more of the products that contain following vitamins: A – protects skin, E – removes peroxides that destroy skin cells; B1, B6, B12 – dogs older than 8 years require more of them.

6. Lower the amount of salt in food. Salt can interfere the work of the kidneys.

7. Give zinc-rich products.

So, the ratio of your elder pet has to contain less meat and more vegetables. It would also be a good idea to add some vitamins. If you plan to feed your pet with dog food, it is recommended to choose special types for elder dogs. Elder dogs also have a significantly decreased appetite. It can be explained by various problems with teeth. And that is why all the food you give should be liquid.

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