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Answer "Everyone should have their own toys"

Everyone should have their own toys

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If you have both the dog and a child, the pet should not be allowed to touch or take any toys of your kid. The dog has to understand, which things it does own and which it does not.

You can show the toys that your pet is not allowed to touch easily when they are new. Used and dirty toys, which smell like a baby, will be more attractive for a dog. Especially, when your child plays with them and moves them around. If your pet loves toys made of any certain material, you should not buy these toys for your children. Do not buy any stuffed animals for your pet, if your child also has some similar toys. It would be better to choose balls, bones, sticks and other dog-related items.

If your pet does not understand the difference, you can just mark baby's toys with a special solution called Listerine. You will barely feel the scent, but dogs have significantly stronger smelling. You should mark all the toys you buy for your children. The dog will stop touching them very soon.

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